A Little Hair-story

For hundreds of years African American women have been brainwashed into feeling that our nappy roots were ugly. We were made to feel ashamed of our natural textures, which derived the term "bad hair". There are a number of photos capturing Harriet Tubman and Sojourner Truth wearing tignons or a kerchief over their hair as a badge of their lowly status. We were forced to cover our "glory".   

Post slavery Annie Minerva Pope-Turnbo Malone, Sarah Breedlove (Madam C. J.  Walker), Sarah Spencer, all had a passion for our natural textures. They created hair products and instruments to help make textured hair more manageable. 

In 1943, "I'm black and I'm proud" was birthed.  Annabelle Baker was one of the first to rock the afro during the black power movement. Her natural look was rejected by many but she braved the rejection and continued to embrace her kinks and coils. 

Now it's our turn to honor our tresses. 

Treasuring Your Tresses

Our passion is to help those that are transitioning or already natural to embrace their true unfiltered beauty. We want you to fall in love with your texture and see the beauty in it. 

We want to spread the word to treasure your tresses. Our ancestors were made to reject their natural beauty but died so that we can embrace it again. Because of that it is our duty to ensure that we create a trusted product that can be used on kinky, coily and curly hair without causing dryness and damage. 

Our Products

All of our products are natural and chemical free.  Our hair and body butters are vegan friendly. Iris Botanicals entire product line is free from animal testing.

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