About Us

Iris Nichole Patterson, Englewood native is the CEO of Iris Botanicals, LLC. Iris Botanicals was birthed in the kitchen in 2014 after she suffered a terrible case of tension alopecia months before her wedding because of a careless removal of glued in hair extensions. The removal left her bald around her hairline. In great distress, Iris decided to do research on different methods to stimulate hair growth. In her research, she discovered many recipes using essentials oils along with carrier oils to stimulate her active hair follicles and trigger full growth in just a year's time. Iris formulated a jar of hair food that's packed with 7 powerful essential oils and protein to help strengthen the hair shaft. The Rejuvenating Hair Butter was the first of her many recipes for the hair.
Later, Iris created her full line of hair essentials and named them Iris Botanicals. Since then Iris’ hair care line can now be found in 5 Whole Foods locations. Iris Botanicals has helped many women restore their hair including both a cancer and kidney patient.  It’s Iris’ plan to go nationwide soon.